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Funny Cat Videos for January 14th!

Funny Cat Videos that are shockingly good!Check out these videos! - Funny Cat Videos 01-14-13 Feauture Image

These Funny Cat Videos are not the shocking type that you find on television nowadays. Instead these following videos are just plain funny, and a excellent way to start off the week. So pull up a chair, and enjoy these Funny Cat Videos.

Check out these Funny Cat Videos here!


The Bat Cat!

In a alley off of Gotham is the dark vigilante known only as the Bat Cat!

The Bat Cat

Roaming the dark alleyways at night, the Bat Cat is out for vengeance for any feral cats that cross his path. He fights a one cat battle against the scum of Gotham. As I write this he is in the epic struggle against his arch nemesis the  Joker Cat for the soul of the alleyways. Who can save us? The Bat Cat can!

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Cat Lovers Who Took It A Bit To Far

I am a Cat Lovers, but these people take it to a whole new level!

Cat Lovers Who Went To Far - Funny Kitty Cat Pictures

Sometimes those of us who are Cat Lovers show our feline appreciation too much. Like the following people, where you have to question why they went so far. It’s one thing to spoil your Kitty with treats and Cat Toys. However, to go so far that you become a quasi celebrity for how much you love your cat is a whole different level. These people are like the Jedi Masters of Cats, while the rest of us are just part of the background nobody’s with a couple of seconds of screen time in the the Star Wars films. Lets check out these Cat Masters, these Cat Lovers who just went a little too far.

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Funny Cat Videos 01/07/13

You have to check out these Funny Cat Videos!

Did you see that - Funny Cat Videos  

It’s Monday which means time to go back to work and time for more Funny Cat Videos! Even though it keeps getting tougher to get up in the morning, at least these Kitties will take off the edge of the return to work blues. So sit back, get something to drink, and enjoy these Funny Cat Videos

Check out these videos!

Funny Cat Videos 01/03/13

Yes it’s that time again for more Funny Cat Videos!

Hope you're not too tired for Funny Cat Videos!

Hey wake up it’s time for Funny Cat Videos! I had to do some searching for these videos. A lot of videos that are supposed to be funny are just people being mean to their cats. I really felt disgusted and still wondering why people would do those things to their kitties. One of the criteria for these videos I post is that the cats are treated well, and is family oriented  People playing pranks on their kitties is not something I want on this site ever. So lets begin with these Funny Cat Videos so we can all get in a better mood today.

Watch them now!

Funny Cat Videos 1/1/13

These Funny Cat Videos are a great way to start the New Year!

What better way to start 2013 than by posting some Funny Cat Videos! A good start of the year for any Cat Lover. Like I stated before this Funny Cat Videos will become a regular posting here. So like these two kittens have done get yourself comfortable, maybe even grab something to drink, and relax while you check out  these Funny Cat Videos for the New Year.

Check out the videos here!

Funny Cat Videos Dec 29th

Why just have kitty pictures when we can have Funny Cat Videos!

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so these Funny Cat Videos must be the library of Congress of nothing but laughs! I saw these videos and I could not wait to post them here. I know you’ll laugh out loud at these as much as I have! So sit back, plan to spend some minutes here watching these Funny Cat Videos!

Check out the videos here!