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The Bat Cat!

In a alley off of Gotham is the dark vigilante known only as the Bat Cat!

The Bat Cat

Roaming the dark alleyways at night, the Bat Cat is out for vengeance for any feral cats that cross his path. He fights a one cat battle against the scum of Gotham. As I write this he is in the epic struggle against his arch nemesis the  Joker Cat for the soul of the alleyways. Who can save us? The Bat Cat can!

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Funny Kitty Cats Movie Posters

Everyone loves the cinema, then why not make Funny Kitty Cats Movies!

I love to watch movies, but I guarantee I would appreciate movies more that had Funny Kitty Cats  in them! What is not to adore? Instead of Jack Nicholson you have a inhuman giant kitty that would be more scarier than any actor any day. Check out the following movie scenes and try to say me you don’t subscribe to my idea. The world of cinema is much better when you have Funny Kitty Cats!

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I am the Bat Cat!

No one better mess with the Bat Cat!

Bat Cat looks pissed! , Free Kitty Cat Pictures

This is the first post for funnykittycatpictures.com so the Bat Cat had to lead it off. This particular cat has a sad back-story. His parents were drowned in a river by a dog that goes by the name "Joker." Bat Cat now roams the dark alley ways bringing his own brand of feline justice. So if you are out late at night, in a dark alley way, you may come face to face with the Bat Cat!

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