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A Cat Stare Down

This Cat Stare Down looks like it can become serious! Cat stare down, Free Kitty Pictures

A couple of kitty’s doing a Cat Stare Down between the pumpkins. The one on the left looks like he wants to show his dominance  While the feline on the right is more like WTF.

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Kitty Hunter First Prey

Every great Kitty Hunter has to start somewhere!

Kittens First Prey, Kitty Hunter to swipe lizard, Free Kitty Pictures

We humans have schools to teach the basics to our young, while Kitty Hunter have to learn the job by actually hunting. That little lizard may be small, but he looks damn ferocious in this photograph! That little kitten is sure brave to take on that lizard, even though he much bigger. At a former job I use to go outside to have lunch on warm summer days. Every once in awhile a mean little lizard go sprinting by. All of my girlfriends would scream and run like the lizard was something out of "Jurassic Park." That is why I give this little Kitty Hunter props. If a bunch of grown women cannot stand up to a little reptile like this, then that Kitty Hunter deserves credit for standing up to him!

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Cat Lounging On A Fence

Cat lounging after a tough day?

Cat lounging on the fence, Free Kitty Pictures  

After a tough day of doing what I really don’t know, this Cat lounging is a good end of the day for this little kitten. For some reason he looks like James Dean to me from the movie "Giant." Just put a little cowboy hat on him, a cigarette  and he’ll be perfect stand in. I’ll stop now and let this kitten to get back to his serious Cat lounging.

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A Cat Paradise Here On Earth!

Blue Eyed Kitten on Cat paradise, Free Kitty Pictures Cat Paradise destination for my next vacation!

If your lucky enough to travel to Japan, you’ll find a cat paradise in the southwestern island of Kyushu. On this island you’ll find these semi-feral felines sharing this small island with the local populace. Not only does the residents share their food with the cats, but give attention to their friends when they wish to be petted. The local populace even invite their feline friends into their homes as one of the members of the family. After the break I’ll give more information on this cat paradise here on earth!

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