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Grumpy Cat Hates Christmas – Part 4

Can you believe this Grumpy Cat still hating the season!

This Grumpy Cat hating Christmas is such a downer. I think he has successfully passed his idol, The Grinch! He has he sucked out the holiday spirit out of anyone who’s seen him. Now with the Internet he is able to bring a cold shower to any warm feeling this holiday use to make. That Grumpy Cat will never like Christmas!

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Grumpy Cat hates Christmas – Part 3

No matter what we do, that Grumpy Cat will always hate Christmas!

It can’t be easy for the humans that belong to Grumpy Cat. Trying to keep up the Christmas spirit in that household must be damn near impossible! I mean here they are trying to deck the halls, while that feline wants to deck them. There is even a new song out about that cat called "Jingle Hell!"

Jingle Hell - Free Kitty Cat Pictures

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Grumpy Cat Hates Christmas Still

There is no no getting around it, Grumpy Cat Hates Christmas Still!

Grandma got run over - Grumpy Cat Hates Christmas Still! Since Grumpy Cat Hates Christmas so much, I truly believe there is just no pleasing him! In my last post I featured the Grumpy Cat in some Grinch lyrics. I really don’t think that is enough to get the point across that this cat despises good will towards men. He’s happy Grandma got run over by a Reindeer, cheering Santa to back up on her too. He believes the First Noel should have been the last one. That the Christmas bells should stop ringing, it gives him a headache! That Santa Claus should be arrested for coming down chimneys at night. Below you’ll find some more examples of how much this cat hates Christmas. If that isn’t proof that Grumpy Cat Hates Christmas I don’t know what is!

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