Veronica author of Pinterest Patron and Free Kitty Pictures

One day while browsing the web it dawned on me exactly what the Internet needed more of. More Cat Photos! Hard to believe, but it is true. The Internet just needs more feline in it. So Free Kitty Pictures was born. It isn’t much to be proud of, but hey it’s mine!


A little about me:

  • I am a country girl living in Charlotte NC.
  • Yes I do have a boyfriend, and no I am not interested in leaving him.
  • I love cats, but my apartment charges me $200 per feline. At those prices I think I will stick to my one cat Mittens.
  • Will I ever post a photograph of me with Mr. Mittens? The short answer is No. There are too many perverts on the net, and I feel that one picture of me is all I would want to share with the world.
  • Will I ever post pictures of Mittens? I would, but he is a hider cat. I mean hider by the fact he doesn’t come out of his hiding spots ever. I only see him when he wants rubbing or food. Typical Man!
  • Why is the text so hard to see on this page. Since I can’t change the CSS to change the font, guess your stuck just liking the pictures I post.

I hope you all enjoy your time here on this site. If you have any questions, please feel free to use the Contact us page at the top. Also, if you have any reconmendations that I can add to this site, please tell me! I am always welcome to new suggestions.

Enjoy the website and come back every once in awhile to see what is new!


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