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Funny Kitty Cat Pictures for Friday Dec 14th

Yay it’s Friday; so here is your Funny Kitty Cat Pictures to celebrate the weekend.

Wow, another week over so I’m celebrating by posting the best Funny Kitty Cat Pictures I can find. Right now we are 7 days from the supposed Mayan Apocalypse and 11 days from Christmas. I’m betting Christmas will be worst since you don’t have relatives coming over for the Apocalypse. With all the worrying I do for Christmas these Funny Kitty Cat Pictures takes my mind off the stress of this holiday, and hopefully it will do the same for you!

First is this little cutie who doesn’t like the fact his human put a jacket on him. Don’t they realize he’s already wearing a fur coat? Silly humans! Why you do this - Funny Kitty Cat Pictures

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