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Funny Kitty Cat Pictures for Friday Dec 14th

Yay it’s Friday; so here is your Funny Kitty Cat Pictures to celebrate the weekend.

Wow, another week over so I’m celebrating by posting the best Funny Kitty Cat Pictures I can find. Right now we are 7 days from the supposed Mayan Apocalypse and 11 days from Christmas. I’m betting Christmas will be worst since you don’t have relatives coming over for the Apocalypse. With all the worrying I do for Christmas these Funny Kitty Cat Pictures takes my mind off the stress of this holiday, and hopefully it will do the same for you!

First is this little cutie who doesn’t like the fact his human put a jacket on him. Don’t they realize he’s already wearing a fur coat? Silly humans! Why you do this - Funny Kitty Cat Pictures

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Grumpy Cat Hates Christmas – Part 4

Can you believe this Grumpy Cat still hating the season!

This Grumpy Cat hating Christmas is such a downer. I think he has successfully passed his idol, The Grinch! He has he sucked out the holiday spirit out of anyone who’s seen him. Now with the Internet he is able to bring a cold shower to any warm feeling this holiday use to make. That Grumpy Cat will never like Christmas!

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Cat Cafe – A Cat Lovers Dream!

How cool would it be to visit a Cat Cafe!

I have never heard of a Cat Cafe, but now that I have it is definitively on my bucket list! Imagine being able to go someplace to play with a bunch of lovable Kittens and Cats, and not worry about the kitty litter! This is a great option for people that cannot have cats in their homes or apartments. It’s even great with hectic lifestyles that can’t have a Cat in their lives. Even current cat lovers wouldn’t mind going to one of these cafe’s. I know I wouldn’t mind one bit! So lets check out some pictures of these great little Cat Cafes, and hope one comes to our neck of the woods soon. Cat Cafe on

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Funny Christmas Cats – Part 2

The holidays are almost here, and these Funny Christmas Cats will help you get through them!

Fa la la la la another post on Funny Christmas Cats are here. Actually I have been searching around the Internet to make my holiday hangover go away. These cute cats are like most of us, wanting the holiday to be over as soon as possible! Can’t blame them, I wouldn’t want to wear what some of them are wearing. So here is the help you may need to get through this holiday season, Funny Christmas Cats.

Santa Cat -

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Pet Diamond: To Never Say Goodbye

With a Pet Diamond you can keep your beloved  pet close forever!

Pet Diamond allows you to stay close to your pet even after death.

With a Pet Diamond it means just because your forever friend has passed, doesn’t mean you can’t be close to them still and look fashionable too! By using a lock of hair or the cremated ashes of your beloved pet, a company can create a Pet Diamond that you can keep forever, or at least until someone close makes you into their own personal jewelry.

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Funny Kitty Cat Pictures Of Their Owners

It’s pretty sad when the owners take the cake in Funny Kitty Cat Pictures

Sometimes people can get too attached to their cats, and it shows in these Funny Kitty Cat Pictures. Now I love my cats, and I probably spend too much time paying them attention. However, some of these people spend way too much time with their felines! Or else, they like to do strange things with them that I really don’t want to go there. I think you’ll agree that these Funny Kitty Cat Pictures are funny because of the people than the felines. Case in point, this photo proves that sometimes the cats owner takes the cake.

This man spends to much time with his cat - Funny Kitty Cat Pictures

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Funny Kitty Cat Videos Compilation

These Funny Kitty Cat Videos come from everywhere on the Internet!

Funny Kitty Cat Videos Some of these Funny Kitty Cat Videos are dated and you have probably seen some before. But I highly doubt you have seen all these videos all before, and  in one place.  When I first saw this video I knew I had to add it to my website! I think you will agree that these Funny Kitty Cat Videos are hilarious and I know you will enjoy them as much as I did!

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