Funny Cat Videos 01/03/13

Yes it’s that time again for more Funny Cat Videos!

Hope you're not too tired for Funny Cat Videos!

Hey wake up it’s time for Funny Cat Videos! I had to do some searching for these videos. A lot of videos that are supposed to be funny are just people being mean to their cats. I really felt disgusted and still wondering why people would do those things to their kitties. One of the criteria for these videos I post is that the cats are treated well, and is family oriented  People playing pranks on their kitties is not something I want on this site ever. So lets begin with these Funny Cat Videos so we can all get in a better mood today.

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Best Cat toy in the World!

This has to be the best cat toy on the market.


This is without a doubt the most effective pet toy all over the world, on the other hand if only you possess an evening employment. I don’t know your current kittens, however mine are knocked down dead during daytime. Regardless the fact that I work, when I have the opportunity to be home in the daytime the both of those merely pick a location and then remain there for the whole time. Among my little ones includes the irritating practice of sitting down over my cable TV box for the color TV. In addition to totally does she block the time period, but when her paw hangs down I am may not be able to change the station. I so now have got to set my not good princess hat on, and transfer the idle kitty. I’m digressing in this by discussing memories concerning my cat experiences, permit me to go back to the primary disadvantage of this kitten treat.

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